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This article contains information for parents to utilize in determining their level of fatigue and finding new ways to treat the causes.

Parents who feel fatigued often assume it’s a combination of work and responsibilities at home and push through it without altering their routines, but sometimes those feelings are caused by a lack of self-care. If you have a child with special needs, caregiving can take a mental and physical toll that leaves you feeling exhausted and drained. Not only that, it can have an effect on your marriage and even your job. It’s possible to create a routine that allows you to take care of all your child’s needs while managing your own, but it’s important to think carefully about an action plan.

Keep in mind that your physical and mental health are connected and that focusing on one will impact the other. Massage is a great way to boost your overall wellness. Book an appointment with Kaycee Heyse LMT today. Then, start a plan for managing your fatigue symptoms by assessing them.

Think about how fatigue affects you

Before you can treat your fatigue, you’ll need to figure out the exact causes and how they affect your daily life. Many parents cite time management as an issue as they struggle to keep up with all their duties, while others cope with feelings of anxiety or depression that leave them feeling burned out. Ask yourself a few questions: how would you rate your sleep quality? Do you have social support? Do you struggle to keep up with your current schedule? Pinpointing the exact issues that are causing your fatigue will allow you to make some changes to your lifestyle that will help you feel better, such as getting organized, finding mental wellness support, or creating a relaxing bedtime routine for everyone in the family.

Set some personal goals

Another way you can focus on yourself is to set some personal goals that are separate from your family responsibilities. Where would you like to see yourself two years from now? Are you satisfied with your current job? You might consider starting your own business or going back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree through an online program. There are hundreds of accredited schools that offer online courses these days, so you can work at your own pace at home and create a plan for the future that’s just for you.

Ease that stress

Even with some changes to your daily routine and a few solid goals, you may still feel stressed on occasion. Doing something for yourself can be helpful, especially if you find that most of your free time is devoted to your child. Carve out a little time for yourself each day, even if it’s only ten minutes, and do something that helps you relax. Try a new calming hobby, such as creative writing, or go for a walk. Combining exercise with being outdoors is a great way to boost your mood and can even help elevate your sleep habits.

Plan ahead

No matter how you choose to ease your anxiety, relieve stress, and battle fatigue, it’s important to think ahead to how those actions will affect your lifestyle and your relationships. Finding a good balance is essential since focusing too much on your self-care routine will lead to time-management issues that leave you struggling to catch up. Come up with a plan that will help you keep your life in balance and eliminate stressors of all kinds.

Coping with fatigue can be a lonely process, so keep communication open with friends, family, and your partner and let them know what your needs are. Strike up a healthy balance between home, work, and your self-care plan and create some goals for the coming months


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